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In many countries, mediation is fast becoming the choice of dispute resolution due to its convenience and low cost. Through this process, individuals are able to engage neutral third parties (mediators) to facilitate in the resolution of their dispute without the need of a lawyer or lengthy court process.

In line with this development, Budidjaja International Lawyers’ good affiliate, The Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediators and Arbitrators (MedArbId) proudly presents MediatorIndo.

MediatorIndo helps the users to get direct legal help within a swipe away! The users are able to find the nearest mediator to their location, and choose a mediator without any interference.

MediatorIndo provides details of Indonesian mediators across the country, with a built-in communication platform that can connect the users directly to their chosen mediators.

The application is easy to use and is designed for anyone looking to solve their dispute in a quick and convenient manner. It is now available on Google Playstore under ‘MediatorIndo’ for download. Click the button below to download the app!

MediatorIndo, find a mediator near you!

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