Our team includes specialists across many areas of the law and lawyers with a broader range of knowledge, skills and experiences. We possess a deep understanding of the Indonesian legal and business operating environments, as well as extensive expertise in cross-border/international legal work.

ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Media, and Entertainment

We understand that the rapid pace of current digital and technology world continues to develop and bring impact to the business sector and our society, particularly in the field of ICT, media, and entertainment.

Thriving, as opposed to merely surviving, in today’s highly competitive marketplace requires strategic counsels that possess a deep understanding of the underlying business issues which drives change and opportunity in the sector.

We has a team who is ready and capable of providing legal supports to assist clients in the field of ICT, media, and entertainment. We also leverage our expertise and experience in matters of contracts, data and privacy protection, consumer protection, electronic transactions, intellectual property in the internet, freedom of expression, telecommunication, employment, and taxability of internet transactions.

Medical & Healthcare

BIL is well equipped to offers services pertaining to medical law.

Our services include:

  • General medical and healthcare law advice;
  • Investigation of possible medical mistakes;
  • Dispute resolution regarding medical and health care matters, including medical negligence issue to medical professionals;
  • Obtaining license and permits on health care and medical equipment for employees and industrial sector;
  • Legal support for distribution permits for medical equipment;
  • Advice on registration certification and training of medical professionals for expatriates wishing to practice in Indonesia;
  • Advice regarding regulations and health protocols, modes of delivery in health care services and actors in the health care services in Indonesia.

Dispute Resolution Services

The focus of BIL’s dispute resolution practice is to achieve our clients’ commercial objectives within the boundaries of the law. When our clients face complex legal issues, we are committed to exploring and finding tailored and cost-effective legal solutions, strategies and outcomes that work for them.

At BIL, our job is not only to provide legal options, but also to recommend a specific course of action. We believe all disputes are unique and our clients deserve specialized and practical advice on how to achieve their objectives.

In a conflict situation, we help our clients to select the best strategy to manage and resolve the matter, whether through litigation or alternative means, such as mediation and arbitration.

Without compromising our clients’ interests, we always explore “win-win” scenarios that provide opportunities to resolve their differences with disputing parties to restore and continue commercial relationships. Our dispute resolution resources include an internationally accredited mediator and arbitrator.

“We believe there are number of solutions and outcomes for any given problem.”

Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring Services

BIL practice group is an experienced team that possesses a deep understanding of bankruptcy law, outstanding litigation, corporate drafting ability and solid business sense. Although we have a national and international practice, and are often involved in complex cases, we can also handle bankruptcy matters with utmost efficiency to deliver effective solutions for our clients even in financially distressing situations.

Our lawyers are conscious of the economic pressures under which many of our clients operate. We provide the standard of excellence whether the case is a routine bankruptcy litigation matter, a large international insolvency or a major corporate reorganization.

“We are committed to work efficiently to deliver effective solutions for our clients even in any financially-distressed situations.”

Real Estate and Hotels Services

BIL offers integrated legal assistance for clients in conducting commercial transactions, including transactions related to land and property. We identify clients’ needs, provide flexible services, and ensure the service is aimed to achieve clients’ objectives. We maintain our professionalism in our representation and attention to detail.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in assisting domestic and international clients in property, land disputes, and litigation. We use a comprehensive and friendly approach in our service, and provide supporting services for clients’ commercial activities, such as notary services and tax consultation.

We design tailored problem solving for private clients in a friendly and effective manner.”

Corporate Merger and Acquisition Services

BIL can assist clients in every aspect of commercial transactions, including conducting and advising on due diligence, pre-deal negotiations, closing and post-deal structuring and integration. Our lawyers are trained to take part in properly structuring transactions to ensure enforceability and maximize commercial benefits. We solve problems that arise during the course of negotiations and execution.

We have acted for a diverse range of domestic and foreign clients in both public and private M&A transactions. We take pride in our ability to provide practical advice while maintaining our clients’ strategic interest as our top priority.

Our goals are to simplify complex scenarios, minimize legal risk, and maximize results for our clients.

“We are able to recognize and effectively address a problem before it becomes an emergency.”

Energy, Infrastructure, and Projects Services

BIL’s Energy, Infrastructure and Project team uses its deep industry knowledge and its deal and dispute resolution experiences to anticipate issues and find practical, cost-effective solutions to problems our clients face.

We are committed to helping clients keep pace with market and regulatory developments, as well as enabling entry into new markets, managing risk and strengthening your business by providing top tier legal advice combined with industry knowledge and an acute awareness of your commercial drivers.

We have represented a diverse range of international and domestic clients in connection with the energy, infrastructure and project sectors and these wide range of clients provides us with an in-depth understanding of the issues affecting all participants across the sectors, enabling us to consistently provide well-rounded, innovative, solutions-focused and commercially relevant legal advice.

“Our capabilities are supported by our lawyers’ expertise in the areas of transactional and dispute resolution works in the energy, infrastructure, and projects sectors.”

Construction Services

We at Budidjaja International Lawyers realize that in complex and dynamic business environments, clients may need a legal team with extensive experience in construction, infrastructure and project finance. We advise on the full range of construction, infrastructure and project finance elements, including negotiating and drafting of procurement documents and contractual arrangements, joint venture arrangements, tender documentation, commercial and industrial leases, and dispute resolution.

Our services are further strengthened by the fact that our lawyers are adept in coordinating complex transactions that involve various areas of law and have expertise in transactional support such as mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, industrial relations, dispute resolution and intellectual property.

We structure transactions and provide integrated legal service to ensure our clients meet their business objectives. We represent a diverse range of private and public sector clients on construction, infrastructure and projects finance in various sectors.

“We provide our best services to our clients, based on our experiences and commitment.”

Environment and Natural Resources Services

BIL has in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations on environment, energy and natural resources sectors. Our capabilities are supported by our lawyers’ expertise in the areas of transactional and dispute resolution work on environment, energy and natural resources sectors.

We focus on advising our clients on any new and significant legislative, regulatory, judicial, and policy developments in the fields of environmental, energy, and natural resources. We also shared our responsibility to achieve a sustainable environment.

In our practice, we are able to seek ways to simplify complex scenarios for clients, minimize their risks, and maximize their results for commercial and environmental benefits.

“We help client to implement project and manage their investment with an environmentally friendly approach.”

FDI and Joint Ventures Services

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world, and one of the most populous countries. With its rich natural resources, competitive wage rates, and huge number of consumers, Indonesia offers the great opportunity for investment.

In this competitive market, clients are seeking not only qualified law firms but also expertise in assisting them with business expansion. BIL has a proven track of providing the full range of legal services in foreign direct investment and joint ventures matters to international and domestic clients across a number of sectors.

We have helped clients in dealing with business partners, conducting legal due-diligence, setting up the office, and obtaining investment, as well as operational permits. We serve as a strategic, business-oriented legal advisor for clients. We evaluate legal risks and liabilities, as well as the commercial rewards of a potential transaction.

“We understand that the value of a business is determined not only by the numbers but also by well-planned business strategies and tactics.”

Employment and Industrial Relation Services

BIL’s employment/industrial relations practice aims to resolve our clients’ employment/industrial relation issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. As industrial relations are one of the most important aspects of business, we deliver our service with minimum disruption to clients’ commercial operations.

Our lawyers practiced in several aspects of industrial relations across a broad range of industries with experience in providing comprehensive advice on compliance with Indonesian industrial relations laws/ regulations, including health and safety in the workplace, rights and obligations of employers and employees, employment contracts, termination of employment, and employee strikes.

We also have vast experience in representing clients in industrial relations disputes, including settlement negotiations with relevant government institutions and training in industrial relations laws and regulations.

“We believe maintaining good industrial relations are an essential practice for every business.”

Shipping and Aviation Services

We have substantial experience in providing advice and solutions to clients doing business in Indonesian aviation and shipping sectors. We believe our experience and our lawyers’ expertise positions BIL to provide clients with quality and tailored legal services.

We have represented clients in a range of shipping and aviation disputes, including contracts, groundings, unlawful arrests, bunker disputes, cargo loss, ship collisions and oil pollution incidents. Foreign law firms regularly engage us to provide them with expert advice and opinions on Indonesian shipping and aviation law.

“We serve as a strategic business-oriented legal advisor, and help clients evaluate legal risks and liabilities, as well as the commercial rewards of a potential transaction.”

International Trade and Customs Services

In BIL, our international trade and customs team has extensive knowledge and experience in trade and customs practices, and can provide support in the legal areas involved in successful trade operations in Indonesia. We provide a wide range of services, including regulatory compliance, trade policy advisory, investigations, negotiations and litigation.

Our established working relationships with local regulatory agencies and authorities are strong components in our ability to keep business strategies on track.

Our experienced lawyers advise on all aspects of corporate transactions across a broad range of industries and transaction types with a deep understanding of local laws and regulations, including those relating to trade and customs.

We are well-equipped to advise both international and domestic clients on trade and customs requirements in Indonesia, and are often sought out by foreign firms for our expertise when it comes to Indonesian laws and local cases.

“Providing effective management of trade and customs processes is another component of the value we provide to our clients.”

Insurance and Re-Insurance Services

The insurance industry is known for its complex and diverse facets. We are adept in coordinating complex insurance and re-insurance finance transactions/projects that involves numerous components and areas of the law.

With our knowledge of the insurance regulatory system and experience in the insurance industry in Indonesia, our team can offer comprehensive legal services that are relevant to clients’ commercial goals and objectives.

We handle a complete range of insurance disputes, including through litigation in courts and via alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, establishment of joint venture insurance companies, documents preparation for acquisitions or sale of interests in insurance companies and employment issues advice. We also conduct due diligence on insurance companies.

“We are able to assist companies in ensuring that their insurance policies are in line with Indonesian law and practice.”

Banking, Finance, and Capital Markets Services

We understand the special requirements of banking, finance and capital markets transactions deals. Our team works on many transactions involving the borrowing of money to fund a company’s activity, acquire a company or finance projects.

We represent various clients on behalf of both borrowers and creditors. Our expertise serves our clients on either side of the matter. We have considerable experience in a wide range of domestic and international banking and financing transactions, and in dealing with the crux of legal issues. Our capital markets practice is capable of executing a wide range of national and international securities transactions, as well as advising our clients on compliance and governance issues.

Driven by strong credit assessment skills, a knowledge-based approach and experience in banking, finance and capital markets, and our team has successfully created a solid reputation in the infrastructure financing.

We provide our best services to our clients, based on our experiences and commitment.”

E-Commerce, IT, and Telecommunication Services

We at BIL understands that E-Commerce, IT, and Telecommunication is one of the rapidly growing business sectors. Therefore, in an effort to fulfil our clients’ needs to improve the efficiency of their economic activities and maximize transaction values, we are committed in providing our clients with integrated approaches to identify and develop the cost-efficient transaction structures, and guidance with regulatory compliance for well-established and start-up companies.

We offer our consultation services to clients who require assistance in formulating strategies for their business transactions or company reorganization. Our proven track record in providing a range of legal services speaks volumes in the delivery of effective solutions and outcomes for our clients.

Our other services include due diligence compliance, planning, legal consultation on regulatory and legal aspects closely related to electronic transactions, information technology, and telecommunication services. We are also available to represent clients in disputes, including representing clients in court proceedings.

“We value our client business and we believe that efficiency is the best strategy to maximize investment returns.”