Message from the Founding Partner


Dear Valued Clients, Colleagues, Partners, and Friends,

We are delighted to share with you today a special message from our Founding Partner, Tony Budidjaja to commemorate Budidjaja International Lawyers’ 16th Anniversary. It has been an incredible journey since BIL was first established and we are humbled to see how far we have come over the years. We hope you enjoy this reflection as well as aspirations for the future as our tribute and appreciation to all of those who have contributed to the success of our firm.

Budidjaja International Lawyers


16 April 2023 is a special day because it is marking 16 anniversary of Budidjaja International Lawyers (BIL).

It is with great proud and joy that we achieve this milestone. Our business remains strong and even gets stronger with age, even in these difficult economic times (despite pandemic disruption and economic uncertainty).

From the very beginning, this business has never been about us, but the people who we need to serve: our clients, our staff, our colleagues, and our neighbours. Yes, you are our service!

Throughout these years we tried to discover your concerns, help solve your problems, and deliver the outcomes that you want and need. In doing that, we always checked what we have promised and how we did it. We tried to do things right, pursued excellence, relished each victory, and learnt from every flaw in order to serve you even better next. We realized that facing and overcoming the challenges is one of the single greatest ways to learn how to work smarter and enable us to add more value to you.

We know that sometimes the path is not always a straight line, but with perseverance, expertise, and innovative thinking, we could make the most out of challenging situation. Our core values of excellence, integrity, and dependability served as the cornerstones of our success and enabled us to triumph in any situation.

A story of growth and overcoming has been written together. In this world of so many choices with trust declining and uncertainty increasing, we must thank you for choosing us to serve you until now.

Indeed the future is volatile and full of uncertainty, but having you with us, we can count on one another and look to future with confidence and optimism.

Tony Budidjaja

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