B&A News Brief – New Policy on the Obligation for the Company to Upload Companys Data to Capital Investment Coordinating Board (


The information below is obtained from the Discussion and Harmonization on Policy of Capital Investment Service held by BKPM on 9 September 2014 at Hotel Century Park.

From 1 October 2014, every company under the authority of the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal – “BKPM”) is required to upload its company data onto the SPIPISE.

SPIPISE (Information Service and Investment Licensing Based on Electronic System/Sistem Pelayanan Informasi dan Perizinan Investasi Secara Elektronik) is operated by BKPM to enable integrated, on-line services.

The objective of this policy is to improve the ease of doing business in Indonesia by simplifying licensing and non-licensing applications for companies.  BKPM’s goal is for every licensing or non-licensing application in BKPM to be processed through SPIPISE by 2016.

The system also aims to reduce or eliminate the risk of losing original company documents which are required to be produced to BKPM when applying for a license outside the SPIPISE system.  Under the SPIPISE, the company is able to upload scanned copies of its data.

Company information which is required to be uploaded onto the SPIPISE are among others:
1.    company deeds, their amendments and approvals;
2.    company taxpayer number;
3.    letter of domicile;
4.    company registration certificate;
5.    latest capital investment activities report and its receipt of submission; and
6.    licenses from relevant ministries.

A company will hold the right to access its account / folder under the SPIPISE system through its legal consultant or an authorised proxy.  The company may share the username and password of the account to the consultant or proxy for use when applying to BKPM for a license.  The company may also change its password if it engages a new consultant.

Company data which is uploaded onto the SPIPISE system will be BKPM’s primary source of information for providing licensing and non-licensing services to the company.

A company obtains the following benefits by creating a company account / folder:
1.    no need to file papers with BKPM;
2.    more efficiencies;
3.    automatic verification of the completeness of required documents if the company applies for licenses or

non-licenses; and
4.    the centralization of company’s data.

BKPM is urging companies to create their accounts / folders as soon as possible.  Companies which do not upload their data by 1 October 2014 will be sanctioned by BKPM not processing their licensing and non-licensing applications.  We doubt the sanction will be imposed from 2 October 2014, as BKPM only announced this new policy in September 2014.  Nonetheless, we support this new development and encourage all companies to create an account / folder on the SPIPISE system.


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