Mr. Tony Budidjaja Registered as Foreign Lawyer in the Singapore International Commercial Court


Budidjaja & Associates (B&A) is pleased to announce that our Principal, Mr. Tony Budidjaja, is now a fully registered foreign lawyer in the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC), in accordance with section 36P of the Legal Profession Act (Cap 161) and relevant provisions in the Legal Profession (Foreign Representation in Singapore International Commercial Court) Rules 2014.

The SICC, a division of the Singapore High Court and a part of the Supreme Court of Singapore that handles transnational commercial disputes, is a superior court of law with a strong legal foundation and favorable rankings in international surveys. Based on Singapore’s successful arbitration sector, the SICC aims to add value to the industry as a leading forum for legal services and international commercial dispute resolution. The SICC allows the litigants to have their disputes adjudicated by a panel of experienced Singapore-based as well as international judges with backgrounds in both civil and common law traditions.

A foreign lawyer who is granted full registration may have the ability to appear and plead, represent a party in any relevant proceedings or appeals, as well as give advice, prepare documents and provide any other assistance in relation to or arising out of any relevant proceedings or relevant appeal.

We are honored to have Mr. Tony Budidjaja as a fully registered foreign lawyer in the SICC, which serves as a recognition of his capabilities of advocacy before the prestigious Singapore High Court. More notably, Mr. Tony Budidjaja is currently the only Indonesian lawyer to be granted full registration in the SICC.

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