Large Scale Social Restrictions Due to COVID-19: Impact on Industrial Activities


The government of Indonesia has taken further measures to prevent the spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) by providing a legal basis for the implementation of large-scale social restriction through Government Regulation No. 21 of 2020.

The Indonesian Minister of Health, as instructed under such government regulation, issued guidelines for the implementation of large-scale social restriction under Regulation No. 9 of 2020 (“Reg 9/20”).

One of the points emphasized under Reg 9/20 is the provision of holidays in workplaces, which refers to limitations of working activities in workplaces and replacing them with work-from-home arrangements.

There are exemptions for provision of holidays in workplaces for certain activities as stipulated under Reg. 9/20. These exemptions include, among others, industrial companies and production activities.

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