Provisions Concerning Social Distance and Lock Down in Indonesian Law

As the rapid spread of COVID-19 continues to evolve around the globe, these days we are hearing a lot about social distancing and lockdown, which have been applied by a few countries, namely Italy and France.

Today’s #BILLawFact will discuss about the definition of social distancing and lockdown as stipulated under Law No 6 year 2018 on “Health Quarantine Law”.

Here at BIL, we are also taking extraordinary measures to protect the wellbeing and safety of our entire team and continuing to provide the highest level of service to our clients and stakeholders at the same time.

Below are BIL’s guidelines during this period:

  • C – Client Emergency Assistance: We have a main PIC in the office, Client Relations for any inquiries or assistance that you might need. We remain contactable 24/7 by email: [email protected] and phone/WA at: +62 857-7989-8668
  • O – Office Practices, Policies, and Procedures (P3): Our Management is up-to-date with the latest regulations from the government and keep close monitors on all our members and their health conditions
  • R – Remote Working Scheme: We are postponing all upcoming events, and we encourage all members to make the best use of technology in conducting meeting with clients and external parties without sacrificing the quality of our work
  • O – Obey the Rules: The key to help the spread of COVID-19 is each individual’s awareness in obeying the rules and regulations by the authority, particularly about social distancing
  • N – Non-essential Travel Arrangements: During this time, we are cancelling or postponing all non-essential domestic and international travels of our members until further notice
  • A – Always Prioritize Our Health: We are urging our members and clients to eat healthy diet, take vitamins, and to work out regularly to strengthen your immune system. Do seek help if you are experiencing cough, fever, and hard time breathing

We sincerely wish you good health in these times.

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