Tony Budidjaja’s Op-Ed on Business Indonesia (17-Feb-15)

“Let Justice be Done Today Though the Sky May Crumble Tomorrow”


Tony Budidjaja, Managing Principal of Budidjaja & Associates, writes an Op-Ed (Business Indonesia, 17 February 2015) in relation to President Joko Widodo’s (“Jokowi”) decision to appoint Budi Gunawan as the only candidate of the National Police Chief. This decision created backlash among the parties involved. So far, the president has given more than one month of silence treatment to the parties. This action has interfered the national stability, which triggered public anxiety and questioned his presidency.
In the article, Mr. Budidjaja argues that President Jokowi needs to firmly instruct all stakeholders to live and breathe the supremacy of law (rule of law). This means to forbid any criminalization or intimidation towards law enforcement proceedings. Mr. Budidjaja believes that President Jokowi should not repeat the mistakes of the previous presidents in resolving law enforcement issues. If President Jokowi follows the pattern of his predecessors, he will put this nation into a deeper legal vacuum and moral decapitation.


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