Dispute Resolution Services


The focus of BIL’s dispute resolution practice is to achieve our clients’ commercial objectives within the boundaries of the law. When our clients face complex legal issues, we are committed to exploring and finding tailored and cost-effective legal solutions, strategies and outcomes that work for them.

At BIL, our job is not only to provide legal options, but also to recommend a specific course of action. We believe all disputes are unique and our clients deserve specialized and practical advice on how to achieve their objectives.

In a conflict situation, we help our clients to select the best strategy to manage and resolve the matter, whether through litigation or alternative means, such as mediation and arbitration.

Without compromising our clients’ interests, we always explore “win-win” scenarios that provide opportunities to resolve their differences with disputing parties to restore and continue commercial relationships. Our dispute resolution resources include an internationally accredited mediator and arbitrator.

“We believe there are number of solutions and outcomes for any given problem.”