E-Commerce, IT, and Telecommunication Services


We at BIL understands that E-Commerce, IT, and Telecommunication is one of the rapidly growing business sectors. Therefore, in an effort to fulfil our clients’ needs to improve the efficiency of their economic activities and maximize transaction values, we are committed in providing our clients with integrated approaches to identify and develop the cost-efficient transaction structures, and guidance with regulatory compliance for well-established and start-up companies.

We offer our consultation services to clients who require assistance in formulating strategies for their business transactions or company reorganization. Our proven track record in providing a range of legal services speaks volumes in the delivery of effective solutions and outcomes for our clients.

Our other services include due diligence compliance, planning, legal consultation on regulatory and legal aspects closely related to electronic transactions, information technology, and telecommunication services. We are also available to represent clients in disputes, including representing clients in court proceedings.

“We value our client business and we believe that efficiency is the best strategy to maximize investment returns.”