Shanaya Hamzaruddin Daya Zakir


Shanaya Hamzaruddin Daya Zakir

  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • English

Shanaya Zakir is a highly skilled and accomplished Associate in Practice Group Foreign Direct Investment, Employment, Merger and Acquisition, Joint Venture. With extensive experience in foreign direct investment, joint ventures, compliance, and land due diligence. Shanaya possesses a deep understanding of the complex legal landscape that governs these areas.

Throughout her career, Shanaya has demonstrated her expertise in advising Clients, among many is in the financial technology and data privacy. She has successfully navigated complex deals, offering strategic guidance and ensuring seamless transactions for her Clients. Her meticulous approach to due diligence has allowed her to identify and mitigate potential risks, safeguarding her Clients’ interests while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Shanaya’s dedication to providing insightful and pragmatic advice makes her an invaluable asset for Clients seeking expert legal counsel in corporate sector.

Shanaya obtained a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree in 2019 from the City University of London, United Kingdom, Master of Laws (LLM) degree in 2020 from University of Exeter, United Kingdom, and was awarded the annual award for the best LLM dissertation in the course (LLM Exeter Club Prize Winner).

Shanaya speaks Bahasa Indonesia and English.