Budidjaja International Lawyers and JLex LLC Forge Synergy




Budidjaja International Lawyers (“BIL”) is delighted to welcome of Mr. Joseph Tan, the Managing Director of JLex LLC, and Ms. Joanna Poh, Director of JLex LLC, to our office. Together we discussed the variety of ways we are able to strengthen our strategic partnership.

Our primary objective during our meeting was to look into the possibility for a deeper and more extensive cooperation between our organizations. As prominent legal services providers in our respective regions, we recognize the immense potential that arises from combining our knowledge and resources. By integrating our strengths, we can provide enhanced services to our clients, unparalleled perspectives, and seamless support across international boundaries.

JLex LLC is a boutique law firm based in Singapore that specializes in commercial dispute resolution, particularly in shipping and international trade disputes. We eagerly anticipate the prospects that this partnership holds, as it enables us to elevate our dedication to our clients’ interests and achieve outstanding outcomes. Collectively, our objective is to foster a business environment that is seamless and efficient, catering to clients operating in both Indonesia and Singapore.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey of collaboration and mutual growth!

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