Legal Practice Course (21 – 22 July 2016) (汉字)


In collaboration with Lawyerindo Legal Support Centre, Budidjaja Institute will be co-organizing a Legal Practice Course (“LPC”) at LAWYERINDO Legal Support Centre on 21 – 22 July 2016. The Course offers:

• Comprehensive, basic legal practice course on fundamental lawyering skills (such as legal writing and drafting, analytical thinking and creative problem solving)

• Practical legal and business knowledge, such as:
– Alternative Dispute Resolution
– Corporate Legal Documentation
– Loan and Secured Transactions
– International Commercial Contract
– Employment Contract and Industrial Relations
– Business Competition
– Tax and Accounting

• Limited successful participants will be invited to have a valuable apprenticeship opportunity for approximately 3 months, and further, we will select the best apprentices and offer them to wok with Budidjaja & Associates Lawyers.
Please state your request in the application, accompanied with your opinion on the following issues:

1. You are accused of a serious crime, facing the death penalty, and must choose between 2 (two) lawyers: one extremely gifted, very friendly but dishonest; the other less skilled, not so friendly but very honest. Who would you pick? Why?

2. Terrorists send the President a message saying that unless he gives them 100 trillion Rupiah, they will detonate a nuclear bomb in the city that you live. What should the President do? What would you do?

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