Topwe Law Firm’s Visitation


BIL were very delighted to have the chance in meeting Topwe Law Firm and their team last Friday, 11 October 2019. We had a wonderful time in having discussions and for the chance in getting to know Topwe law firm better. 

Based in the Economic Zone on the Western Coast of the Taiwan Straits, Topwe Law Firm is one of the leading law firms with international practice standards. Since its establishment from year 2010, Topwe keeps providing efficient and high quality legal services for government agencies, commercial clients and investors in or out of China specializing in many practice areas including investment & financing, mergers & acquisitions, real estate & construction projects, administrative & government legal affairs, commercial dispute resolution and intellectual property rights.

Hopefully this will serve as a foundation on which BIL can build a stronger cooperation and working relationship in the future.

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