B&A Client Seminar – The Importance of Mediation to the Business Sector – September 2013


The second B&A client seminar of the year was held on 17th September 2013 in our office. We were truly delighted with the overwhelming response shown by the invitees in attending and participating for the seminar, and would like to extend our warm gratitude for the kind gestures shown by them.

We also would like to extend our utmost appreciation to Justice Takdir Rahmadi for sparing time from his busy schedule to deliver an excellently put presentation detailing about the development of mediation in Indonesia.

Additionally, our sincere thanks and appreciation also goes to Mr. Campbell Bridge as the other speaker during the event. We certainly hope that his presentation will be able to give more light on the potential that the mediation process have in providing business owners and legal practitioners with an alternative when it comes to resolving conflicts arising from their business arrangement.

Once again, we would like to say thank you to all the participants as well as to our clients, friends and colleagues who have made this seminar to be a successful one.

Budidjaja & Associates Team


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