Budidjaja & Associates partners with others to host a legal seminar in Sydney, Australia


On Tuesday, 27 May, Budidjaja & Associates (B&A) partnered with the Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC) and the Indonesian Consulate in Sydney, to host a legal seminar on the ‘Legal Landscape for Doing Business in Indonesia’. The seminar was supported by two prominent Australian law firms, Rockwell Olivier and Holding Redlich, at whose offices the event was held.

The seminar targeted corporates and individuals doing or contemplating business in Indonesia. Attended by around 35 people, the seminar examined key laws and legal issues relevant to investing and doing business in Indonesia. Rebecca Mohr, the National President of the AIBC, welcomed the audience and opened the event. She was followed by Bapak Nicolas Manoppo, the Acting Consul General of the Indonesian Consulate, who noted the rapid development of Indonesian commercial law and the introduction by the government of initiatives to provide greater certainty to creditors and investors across the corporate sector. Pak Nicolas also encouraged foreign investors to create and maintain relationships with their business partners in Indonesia.

Bernard Sihombing of B&A presented on the foreign investment framework in Indonesia. Bernard looked at some common issues foreign investors encounter and how they may be addressed from a legal perspective. He also discussed how authorities interpret and apply the government’s (new, as of 24 April 2014) negative investment list. The final session of the seminar was jointly presented by Tony Budidjaja of B&A and Campbell Bridge, Senior Counsel from Sydney who often works as a mediator and arbitrator in Asia, including in Indonesia. Their talk focused on cultural considerations and some key laws relevant to managing legal commercial relationships and disputes with Indonesian partners.

Several audience members raised questions after each of the two sessions, reflecting their keen interest in the topics covered. There was an opportunity after the presentations for the audience to network with each other and the speakers. The AIBC later reported to B&A that many audience members subsequently wrote to express their appreciation of the seminar. The success of the event and the follow-up work it generated confirmed B&A’s decision to open a presence in Australia. B&A is now exploring the possibility of holding more legal seminars across Australia.

B&A, and in particular its Special Counsel in Sydney, Miles Young, extend their gratitude to the AIBC, the Indonesia Consulate, Rockwell Olivier and Holding Redlich, for partnering and supporting the seminar.

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