Budidjaja Institute Legal Practice Course 2017


On 20 July and 21 July 2017, the Budidjaja Institute, in cooperation with Lawyerindo Legal Support Center, organized the Legal Practice Course (Course). The Course offers comprehensive legal practice on fundamental lawyering skills, including legal writing and drafting, analytical thinking, creative problem solving, as well as and the impartation of practical legal and business knowledge on legal research and investigation, legal writing and reporting, contract drafting, loan and secured transactions, employment contract and industrial relations, and an overview of alternative dispute resolution methods.

During the course’s two days of challenging tasks and enlightening discussions, candidates were trained and provided with knowledge on legal and lawyering skills they had never learned in classrooms.


“LPC gave me some materials that weren’t given in college such as how to draft contracts properly and help me memorize some materials.”

(Shanty Ika Yanuarti, Erasmus University)

Following the success of the LPC program, the Budidjaja Institute has selected a number of high-achieving participants to be included in Budidjaja International Lawyer’s Legal Apprenticeship Program (“LAP”). During the LAP, participants will be provided with the opportunity to prove their skills and talents in lawyering, before presented with the opportunity to join the firm as a member.


“I met a lot of inspiring speakers during the LPC who really inspires me. It was very thoughtful of BIL to organize such an astonishing development program like the LPC, and I hope that the firm will consider maintaining the program in the future.”

(Michelle Yosefanny, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan)

Finally, the Budidjaja Institute would like to congratulate a handful of participants who have been selected to take part in the Legal Apprenticeship Program.

As for those who have not participated, we will be waiting for you next year and are looking forward to working with you in the future.

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