Legal Practice Course 2017


In collaboration with the Lawyerindo Legal Support Centre, the Budidjaja Institute will be co-organizing a Legal Practice Course (the “Course”) at Lawyerindo Legal Support Centre on 20-21 July 2017. The Course offers comprehensive legal practice foundation training on fundamental lawyering skills (such as legal writing and drafting, analytical thinking and creative problem solving), as well as and the impartation of practical legal and business knowledge in the following areas:

  • Legal Research and Investigation;
  • Legal Writing and Reporting;
  • Contract Drafting;
  • Loan and Secured Transactions;
  • Employment Contract and Industrial Relations; and
  • Overview of Alternative Dispute Resolution methods.

We expect the applicants to possess impressive academic achievements, as well as fluency in oral and written English. Limited successful Course participants will also be considered for an opportunity to participate in a 2-3 months apprenticeship program with Budidjaja International Lawyers, with a limited number of participants to be given invitations for further career opportunities at the end of the apprenticeship program.

If you would like to join the Course, please send your application letter and CV (max. 2MB) via email to:

[email protected]

Email subject: Legal Practice Course


Date  : 20-21 July 2017

Time  : 9 am – 3 pm

Venue: Lawyerindo Legal Support Centre

Jl. Angkasa Raya, No. 12 AB, Gunung Sahari, Central Jakarta

Registration fee: IDR 850,000 per person (Lunch, coffee break, certificate), and the payment shall be made to:

Bank Account No. 157 5000 504 (Budidjaja Institute – Panin Bank KCP Tomang Branch).

For more information, please contact 085779898668.


Limited scholarships will be offered to applicants who have outstanding qualifications based on the discretion of the recruitment committee. If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, please indicate this in your application, and submit your application with a legal opinion on the following issues at the latest by 16 July 2017:

  1.  Your client has been charged guilty for one heinous crime (which you know that he hasn’t committed) and is facing a death penalty.  In representing your client, would you rather advise your client:
  2. to plead guilty, so that the prosecutor would recommend a lighter sentence, or;
  3. to plead not guilty, with a greater risk that he will receive a death penalty.

Which line of argument would you advise your client to take? Why?

  1. Would you rather choose a job position which is stable (with a clearly defined job description) but gives you minimum opportunity to make decisions, or a job position which is very dynamic but gives you more opportunity to make decisions?

Seats are limited, on a first come first served basis!


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