Budidjaja International Lawyers’ Senior Partner Ms. Juni Dani Attends 30th LAWASIA Conference


On September 18 until September 21, 2017, Budidjaja International Lawyers’ Senior Partner Juni Dani took part at the 30th LAWASIA Conference held in Japan. The three days annual event is the flagship and main highlights of the association that incorporates lawyers, judges, jurists, and legal organizations across the Asia-Pacific region.

The Conference engages its participants, which includes bar leaders, corporate members and individual lawyers from across the Asia Pacific, in discussions related regional development of law on a wide range of issues starting from judicial practices to cross-border dispute resolutions.

The event was also attended by a number of representatives from various United Nations Offices and Institutes as speakers.

Budidjaja International Lawyers Senior Partner Ms. Juni Dani (second from left) during the 30th LAWASIA Conference in Japan.


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