Legal Practice Course Completes, Apprentice Program Follows


The Budidjaja Institute, in cooperation with Lawyerindo Legal Support Center, have successfully organized the Legal Practice Course (Course) held on 8 to 9 March 2018. The Course provides comprehensive legal practice on fundamental skills required to become a lawyer, such as legal writing and drafting, analytical thinking, creative problem solving, as well as the impartation of practical legal and business knowledge on legal research and investigation, legal writing and reporting, contract drafting, loan and secured transactions, employment contract and industrial relations, and an overview of alternative dispute resolution methods.

“I learn that every contract must be “tailor made” and learn about negotiation skill.”

Aprilivan Partogi Tarihoran – Participant









Following the success of the LPC program, the Budidjaja Institute has selected a number of high-achieving participants to be included in Budidjaja International Lawyer’s Legal Apprenticeship Program (“LAP”). During the LAP, the participants will be provided with the opportunity to prove their skills and talents in a professional legal environment alongside highly experienced lawyers.



“I can learn new legal related things directly from the experienced lawyer and able to practice or learn how to be a lawyer.”

Anesha Gita Ardelia- Participant






At the end of the LAP, Budidjaja International Lawyers will select a number of high-achieving apprentices to be offered with an opportunity to start their lawyering career in the firm as one of its members.

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