BIL Member Mr Anton Latief Speaks at IADC Regional Meeting 2018


Budidjaja International Lawyers is proud to announce that our Senior Partner Mr Anton Latief, has been honored to speak at the 2018 International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) Regional Meeting in Singapore on May 11, 2018.

Mr Anton shared the forum with three other speakers, namely Mr Sunil Abraham from Cecil Abraham & Partners; Mr Linh Nguyen from Vietnam International Law Firm; and Mr Alan Polivnick from Watson Farley& Williams Thailand.

During the event, Mr Anton delivered a short presentation on the major changes of regulatory framework within the Indonesian oil and gas business. Some of the important changes highlighted by Mr Anton was issues related to employment and the use of expatriate workers in the oil and gas business; and changes in regulations related to abandonment and site restoration obligations.

Mr Anton also explained that the main objectives of the regulatory changes are to improve investment climate – specifically in the energy and mineral sector, to streamline overly-bureaucratic, and remove no longer relevant regulations.

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