Budidjaja International Lawyers Special Coffee Talk with MedArbId


Budidjaja International Lawyers (“BIL”) in association with the Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediators and Arbitrators (“MedArbId”) has successfully held a Special Coffee Talk titled “Assessing Dispute Resolution Methods – Arbitration, Litigation, or Mediation? Which method used individually or jointly will get the best outcome for your client”.

The topic was presented by Mr. Campbell Bridge SC from Sydney, Australia. While presenting on the essential characteristics of adversarial and non-adversarial processes, Mr. Bridge discussed how to evaluate characteristics of a dispute and then determine the best procedure for resolving a particular dispute. He also shared his personal experiences about how utilizing a particular technique alone or in parallel with other techniques in a dispute was most likely to get best outcome and in what circumstances a particular technique might be inappropriate.

It was certainly an informative session and a wonderful learning opportunities that sparked some interesting discussions among the participating BIL members.

We tender our special thanks to Mr Campbell Bridge and MedArbId for the talk! We look forward to our next collaborative efforts in the future.

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