Narada Kumara Shared a Panel at International Arbitration Forum Series


BIL is proud to announce that our Senior Associate, Narada Kumara, with Anthony Nicholls (Associate of Shearman & Sterling LLP), Dimitrios Katsikis (Senior Associate of Shearman & Sterling LLP), and Michel Rako (Executive Vice-Secretary of MedArbId) shared a panel at International Arbitration Forum Series which was held by The Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediators and Arbitrators (“MedArbId”). The event’s theme was “Getting an Early Advantage: Key Decisions for Clients at the Beginning of a Complex Dispute”.

One of the key points of the discussions in the forum was four fundamental questions that clients face in the context of commercial disputes: i) considerations before the commencement of proceedings; ii) where to commence commercial proceedings; iii) how many proceedings to commence, and on what basis; and iv) considerations in the selection and appointment of an arbitral tribunal. These four fundamentals are the guidelines to have a smart strategy once a dispute has risen.

Our special thanks and appreciation to all of you who came to support to International Arbitration Forum Series. We look forward to your participation in future events!

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