MedArbId International Arbitration Training Series 2 on Arb-Med-Arb: “Will It Settle Disputes More Effectively?


On Tuesday, 19 November 2019, our good affiliate, The Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediators and Arbitrators (“MedArbId”) held an extensive discussion on the topic of “Arb-Med-Arb: Will it Settle Disputes More Effectively?”

This event was brought by 4 (four) distinguished practitioners as the Speakers, namely Mr. Ahmad Zazali, (Executive Director of the Impartial Mediator Network), Mr. Lawrence Foo (Partner at Wong Partnership LLP – Singapore), Mr. Rangin Prabowo (Partner at Makes & Partners), and Mr Ilman Rakhmat (Managing Partner at Rakhmat Suroso Adinugraha Advocates). To facilitate the discussions, MedArbId had invited our own Junior Associates Yason F. Tarigan and Naila Sjarif as the Moderators.

The panel had unravelled the key features, types of disputes, pros and cons, and implications of undergoing mediation, arbitration as well as the amalgamation between the two, namely arb-med-arb, in the hope of attaining a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness for dispute resolution.

We hereby extend our gratitude to our BIL members, clients, and colleagues who spared their valuable time and supported this event.

See you at our next event!

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