BIL’s newly established initiative: Indonesian Maritime Law Forum (IMLF)


President Joko Widodo’s vision to transform Indonesia into a Global Maritime Axis (GMA) goes beyond the idea of merely achieving maritime security, but also to establish Indonesia into a maritime power of the world, including putting maritime as one of the investment priorities in 2019.

With this spirit, we would like to proudly announce our newly established initiative: Indonesian Maritime Law Forum (IMLF). In IMLF, not only do members get to improve their competencies and knowledge in the maritime sector, but they will collaborate with Indonesian government in providing insights and constructive ideas on making Indonesia a respected regional maritime power in Asia and the rest of the world.

To follow up with this establishment, IMLF will hold the First Discussion on Thursday, 30 January 2020 from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm at Trust Bar Building.Simply scan the QR code in the e-flyer above to register to this premier and kick-off event of 2020. We highly encourage you to attend this discussion, particularly if you are maritime enthusiasts as together we are manifesting our country’s big goals and targets through this embodiment. Please send any questions to: [email protected] or WhatsApp to: +62 857 7989 8668.

See you at IMLF Discussion!

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